white hat

Oh, hello! Welcome to my wee little blog. Thank you for stopping by. Here are some words I like and words that describe me (both of my own choosing and what others have told me). Feel free to decide what is what.

Colorful, huzzah, hilarious, fluffenutter, noodle, cat-lover, superfluous, weird, confident (I’m going to interject here. It is easy to assume that this describes me when, in fact, it has dual meaning for me. Yes, I’m confident, but I also use this as an exclamation of happiness. I stole it from someone on Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word. Really good show. Wish it was still on.), strong, ludicrous, spazmatazz, the list could go on, but it is late. I’m sure this will be updated periodically.

I’m an ENFP, y’all. Whatre you?!? (I love personality tests)

Interested in working together? COOL! Email: kailen.hodge@gmail.com

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