Catherine K.

This was a magical day. It marked the beginning of a very important piece of my life: the creative collaboration with Alexis. She and I are in the baby stages of our work together, but I know big things are on the horizon.

When she and I decided to work together for the first time, she asked her friend, Catherine, to be our model. You never know how your friends will react to such things. I always assumed not many people would be up for such a thing, but when I do have these conversations (with relative strangers, particularly), they are so enthusiastic. It is such a refreshingly unexpected reaction. I love it when life takes me by surprise in such pleasant ways.

The goal of this shoot was primarily for me. I wanted action shots of me working and photos that showed off the make up. I also hoped that it would help me hone my skill as an artist.


Alexis was so energized with the days events that after we were done shooting, she immediately uploaded the images to her computer and started to edit with my help. Having never edited photos before, it was a fun and eye opening learning opportunity. I caught things she wouldn’t have noticed and she pointed out things I wouldn’t have noticed. As we continue to work together, I hope we continue to edit together. I think such close discussions will only lead to sharpening the eye and developing our skills on set, in the studio, and out on locations.

I am beyond happy with the results of this photo shoot and can’t help but beam when looking at the images. This is just the start of something wonderful.


I think she's having some fun.
I think she’s having some fun.



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