Rebecca & Karl

This post might be a little longer than most because I want to wax poetic about my love, Rebecca. She and I met in late August 2006 in Florence, Italy. See?

Me and Rebecca in Florence, 2006
Fresh faced babes!

Rebecca was one of my roommates in the Florida State University International Programs for Florence. I shared an apartment with six other ladies (woa, right?) and shared a large bedroom with two, one of whom was this beautiful creature. She and I hit it off immediately and we’ve remained friends since. It’s a funny thing, studying abroad. It completely changes who you are. Well, it did for me at least. Whenever I come across high school seniors or college students, I emphatically talk about studying abroad and (forcefully, maybe?) encourage them to do the same, whatever the cost. I went in to debt to do it and don’t regret that choice one iota.

Back to the bride…Rebecca* was a steadfast friend though the entire experience. During our fall break, we travelled together to Oslo (we both have Norwegian ancestry) and Prague. It is an obvious statement to say that many memories were made, but that week alone stands out in my mind as quite magical. Stories abound from the weirdos in hostels, accidentally spotting a shooting location for Mission: Impossible, to discovering The Unbearable Lightness of Being** in a teeny tiny book shop.  In her, I had an enthusiastic travel buddy, but also someone that encouraged solo explorations (when we parted company in Prague, I took a river cruise on the Blue Danube, drank mulled wine, and snapped a photo of a swan on the black water. It was a lovely, quiet, memorable moment and experience).

*Most everyone, including her husband, calls her Becca, but I’ve never. And I never will. I distinctly remember asking her which she preferred and when she said she didn’t care, I refused to use Becca. I preferred her full name and have only called her that since.

She loves flowers and made it a career before she decided to go back to school to become a Certified Dental Laboratory Technician. She loves her cat (whom she named Cat Stevens), Portland, Oregon, and her husband, of course. Speaking of her husband, Karl, he’s quite the talented (and stylish) musician and you should check out his work here. I wish she lived closer so we could spend more time together and so I could get to know her husband better. Even so, they are both wonderful, soulful people that I am honored to know. I am as pleased as punch she asked me to be a part of her special day on September 7, 2013. It truly was the least I could do.


This scenery, AMIRIGHT?!?!?
Could she be more beautiful?
Could she be more beautiful?
I did all make up except Sophia on the far left.
I did all make up except Sophia on the far left.
These sisters are so stunning! I mean, get outta here!

**Prior to running into this small shop, I’d never heard of this book. I was quickly schooled by the shop owner. I distinctly remember suffering through as much as I could handle and then tossing it before finishing. I found it terribly depressing. Looking back on this memory, I’ll have to pick up that book again and see if I still feel the same. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the book in the comments. I’m curious: Is it worth my time to pick up again?

One thought on “Rebecca & Karl

  1. Ohhhh, this is just fantastic my dear! Thank you kindly for your sweet words, for making me feel so radiant on my wedding day, and as always for your steadfast friendship- I love you to pieces & I owe Florence my sincerest gratitude-forever- for finding you.


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