Leila and August

When Alexis and I were itching to have some photo shoot fun, we enlisted the help of our friend Leila and her son August. The photos really speak for themselves, so I hope you feel the love and joy these two have for each other.

Leila and the munchkin
Leila and the munchkin


While Alexis was snapping these photos, I was off to the side making ridiculous noises and sounds and faces to get August to smile. I’m pretty multi-talented, no biggie.

She's such a looker
She’s such a looker

For the Leila-only snaps, I got to snuggle and play with the munchkin. This might have been my favorite photo shoot I’ve done. August is the sweetest, most easy going baby.


Hang out on a rooftop? Why not.
Hang out on a rooftop? Why not.

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